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Lima company

We offer passenger and all-freight air travel, and provide VIP aircraft charter – freeing you and your business from the regular flight schedule.

Lima was founded in 2005. Created by experienced pilots and people who love their job and want to bring their practice in the world field of air transport.

Lima delivers business aviation services on the most favourable terms. Our team consists of professionals. Chartering aircraft and crew from Lima ensures collaborations on the most favourable-for-you terms. We offer complex services and will cover all aspects of your flight, taking care of every detail while you are relaxing or conducting your business.

It is easy to deal with us. We operate a large number of modern aircraft such as the Global Express XRS Challenger 604, Falcon 2000EX, Gulfstream G450, Challenger 300, etc. Also our company operate aircrafts, which belong to the family of Boeing, Airbus, Antonov, Tupolev, etc. Lima provides handling services at airports such as ROV, AER, KRR, URKA.

For a long time working in the airline industry, we have established excellent relationships with partners around the world. We can easily execute any order.

The main advantages of private air charter with Lima:

Chartering an aircraft through our company you are assured of diligence and responsibility for all services - guaranteeing the optimal solution for any business.

A private aircraft is a token of wealth and a status symbol denoting your position in society, however, maintenance of your personal airplane is not always practical due to a number of reasons. Chartering an aircraft with crew is an ideal solution. Business aviation is the service for those who appreciate their time and do not wish to deprive themselves of luxury.

Modern business and pace of life constantly demands instant decisions; therefore, it is important not to depend on scheduled flights. Nowadays, business aviation offers you an immediate way of doing business. How can you guarantee a large, fast delivery for an important customer? Simply charter a Lima aircraft at the most attractive price and forget about the logistics.

Customer needs directly influence the cost of chartering an aircraft as it is calculated according to the type of flight, transport facility (VIP, medical charters, helicopters) and distance to the point of destination. You can create a flight schedule that guarantees maximum convenience by simply contacting our

specialists and discussing all your requirements. Chartering with Lima will give you a fresh look at the way you do business.

Our tag line is "Love what you do!"

Official website of Lima company is in development.

With best regards, our team.

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We a long ago showed oneself in this sphere as reliable partners many large
companies, politicians and businessmen