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Lima company regularly arranges private helicopter flights for requested routes.

When you need to save time, a helicopter flight is the ideal option for short distances of up to 250-300 km. Set yourself free of motorway tailbacks and queues at airports.

Booking a helicopter is an excellent option for meetings with business partners or for a trip into nature with friends.

A flight by helicopter can also be combined with fixed wing charter or regular scheduled flights.

For example, you have arrived by commercial flight at the airport in Nice and you need to get to Saint-Tropez. Given the congestion of local roads (especially during the summer) a trip by car can take 2-3 hours but a helicopter flight will only take 20-25 minutes and you will also have a unique opportunity to admire the Côte d'Azur from your elevated position.

Call us and we will book a helicopter for you!

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