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Cargo charter


Freight operations are one of the engines of the global economy. Unlike land and sea transportation, freight air operations are a quick and reliable way to deliver your cargo to any destination in the world.

Although the freight flight schedule is not advertised in the airport hall, freight aircraft are not inferior to commercial aviation in terms of sheer volume of traffic - in some regions freight far exceeds commercial routes.

To satisfy the needs of the cargo air service a special infrastructure has been created which includes airfreight companies and freight terminals (or hubs) at airports in all the major transportation junctions. Typically, hubs are located close to a major airport (e.g. Memphis, Seoul), or at the intersection of major airlines (e.g. Hong Kong, Frankfurt). Cargo is accumulated by consolidators who combine different cargo with a view to its further transportation.

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Key customers of airlines work with freight forwarders (freight forwarding companies).

As with passenger flights, there is a distinction between commercial, scheduled and chartered freight flights. Almost any kind of cargo, including oversized cargo, animals and perishable goods are accepted for aviation operations. Transportation of dangerous cargo is handled in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, federal aviation regulations and international treaties of the Russian Federation.

The advantage of cargo charter is the ability to offer air transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, often into isolated areas of the world, where there are no regular cargo flights.

Cargo charter flights are used to deliver urgent humanitarian aid to areas where people have suffered as a result of man-made or natural disasters.

Call us and your request will be accepted, all the technical details will be taken into account and a carefully worked out and detailed plan will be placed into action.

We can also accept urgent requests with an immediate departure of your chartered aircraft to both domestic and international destinations.

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