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VIP charter

Once you have experienced the convenience and pleasure of a VIP charter, you will look forward to doing it again and again. Your first flight by business jet will remain in your memory forever no matter how many times you have flown as a first or business class passenger on a scheduled aircraft before. The best scheduled aircraft of the best airline in the world cannot compare to a VIP charter flight. Flying by business jet is a life changing experience.

This is not just about status, prestige or comfort. It is a landmark moment, a definite stage along your path to success, the moment when you have arrived—it will change your business forever.

Why do people use business aviation?

There are a number of reasons:

- Chartering a private jet allows one to personalise your schedule and visit several widely separated locations once you have selected the suitable aircraft, crew and on-board service.

- If necessary, you can invite your business partners to conduct confidential negotiations during the flight.

Our company provides you with access to a broad base of business jets from the best airlines in the world. Your personal flight manager will suggest the appropriate type of aircraft, provide you or your assistant with all the flight details and options and if necessary can even accompany you during the flight.

Do not worry about the details, we will take care of them!

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